The Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund allows people with disabilities and seniors (or their family members) to purchase assistive technology devices or services, including modification of vehicles and homes. Loans may also cover cost of training to use the purchased equipment, warranties, and service agreements.
The Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund (MATLF) supports the purchase of needed technology through low interest rates and loan guarantees. The program does not provide grants. It provides loans, which must be paid back. The program is a unique partnership of United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan and Option 1 Credit Union in Lansing.
Assistive technology is defined as any item, piece of equipment, or device that enables an individual with a disability to improve individual independence and quality of life.

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Who is eligible to apply?
Michigan residents with disabilities, seniors, and their family members or guardians.

-What can I purchase with a loan through this program?
Allowable equipment includes but is not limited to, hearing aids, wheelchairs, motorized scooters, voice simulation systems, Braille equipment, telecommunications equipment, augmentative communication systems, environmental control units, computers, adapted recreational equipment, accessible home modifications, and modified vehicles. Training to use the equipment can also be included with the loan.

Where can I find the equipment I need?
You may buy equipment from a dealer or from a private seller; it is your choice. View a list of assistive technology vendors that loan fund borrowers have used.

How much can I borrow?
There is no minimum amount. The maximum is $30,000. Your ability to repay the amount requested will determine the approval of your loan.

What makes this Loan Fund special? Why not go to my regular bank?
The amount of money people need to borrow for AT is often less than the minimum amount a bank will loan, and often AT is not a “collateral” item that has an established resale value. This is a lower-interest option than the unsecured loans or credit card purchases that people frequently resort to. A grant held by UCP Michigan underwrites these loans.
What is the interest rate on these loans?
Interests rates are determined by Option 1 Credit Union and are subject to change. Please contact UCP Michigan for current rates. Once your loan is granted, the interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan.

How much time will I have to pay off the loan
Repayment terms are based on the expected useful life of the assistive technology device. The maximum loan term is seven years.

How can I apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan by MATLF APP, by contacting the Loan Fund Manager at United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan at 800.828.2714, or by contacting one of our local application sites and requesting an application from them.
For more information about Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund, please contact UCP at 517- 203-1200  or (800) 828-2714, or send an e-maiL.


How to Apply:

The Assitive Technology Loan Fund is a loan program, not a grant, which means you will have to repay your loan by making loan payments to Option 1 Credit Union. You may choose the day of the month your loan payments are due. Payments begin the month after your loan documents have been signed.

AT Loan Fund App in Word

AT Loan Fund App PDF

  • To have an application mailed to you, send an email to henige [at] ucpmichigan.org, or call us at 1.800.828.2714
  • Mail completed loan application to:
  • AT Loan Fund
    c/o United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan
    3496 E. Lake Lansing Rd., Suite 170
    East Lansing, MI 48823